Thanks to all volunteers who give their time, Cabot will award an Eastern Caribbean Cruise for two in November.
Health Benefits of Volunteering

Two Ways to Log Hours — Use your iPhone or the Web Widget!

  1. Download the iPhone app here. Or, if you don't have an iPhone, use the web widget here.
  2. Login using Facebook Connect — just type in your Facebook username and password.
  3. Type the exact name of the organization you volunteer for (as it appears on their Facebook fan page) into the search field and tap "Search" (iPhone app) or "Enter" on your keyboard (web widget). If you cannot find your organization let us know.
  4. If your organization does not have a Facebook page, or you are volunteering outside of an organization, you can write in the name of the activity or group. Please note: The organization will not receive Reach points for your volunteer time in this case. If you "write in" the majority of your time, you may be ineligible to receive prizes.
  5. Select a category for your volunteerism, like "Earth Protection," "Social Services," or even just "Something Good." Then enter the amount of time you've spent volunteering.
  6. Log the number of current hours (within 24 hours) that you've just volunteered.
  7. You'll see an automatically generated message that you can edit, post to Facebook, or email to friends to let them know about your hard work! Also, if you want to share photos of your volunteering, tap the camera icon that appears within the app. The post will appear on your Facebook wall/Timeline, on the iPhone app live stream under the "Everyone" tab, and on the live map on the web widget.
  8. You'll earn Reach point with every hour you log, every email from you that your friends read, and every "like" or comment your friends make on your Facebook posts. And, your organization will earn chances to win cash, too!
  9. If you have more questions, see our FAQ page.

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