Thanks to all volunteers who give their time, Cabot will award an Eastern Caribbean Cruise for two in November.
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  1. How do I sign up my organization?
    Reward Volunteers requires no "signup" on the part of an organization. If your organization has a Facebook Page it will automatically show up when searched for in the iPhone app and web widget. If your organization does not have a Facebook page, you will need to create one. That's it!
  2. What is Reward Volunteers?
    Reward Volunteers is an iPhone and web app that tracks and rewards the efforts of volunteers and the organizations they serve. Using Facebook Connect, volunteers track their hours, share photos, and post their activity to Facebook. The more hours accrued and the more sharing that occurs, the more chances volunteers have to win prizes, and the more chances organizations have to win money.
  3. When will Reward Volunteers take place?
    Reward Volunteers 3.0 takes place from January 28, 2013 through July 14, 2013. The list of prizes and schedule of drawing will be announced on July 14, 2013.
  4. Who created Reward Volunteers?
    Reward Volunteers created by Cabot Creamery Cooperative. Sponsoring companies and organizations have provided cash and prizes for winning organizations and volunteers.
  5. Who can participate?
    Anyone 13 years of age or older with a Facebook account can participate. Anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to win prizes. Under 18 a parental signature is required. Winners must be U.S Residents. Participants can log their time at along with the iPhone app found here.
  6. How do I use RV to log time and share?
    Use the iPhone App or Web Widget and write in the exact name of the organization you are volunteering for, as it is written on their Facebook page; or you can write-in your activity if it is not associated with an organization. Then log your volunteer hours accrued within the past 24 hours. An editable message will be automatically generated, which you can post to Facebook, or email to friends. You can also take and share photos of your volunteering through the iPhone app.
  7. How does my organization embed the web widget on our site?
  8. What are the prizes?
  9. How are prizes awarded for individuals?
    Activity, in the form of logged hours, comments and Likes on posts, as well as opened emails about RV volunteer activity, represent Reach. When RV selects monthly prize-winners as well as the grand prize winners, participants with more reach have more chances to win, just like a raffle. Reach is calculated with a 4:1 ratio of hours compared to sharing.
  10. How are winners notified?
    Individuals will be contacted via the email address listed in their Facebook account as primary. Organizations will be contacted via the contact information listed on their websites. If individuals or organizations do not have correct contact information or do not respond to accept the award within seven days of notification, the award will be forfeited and another winner selected.
  11. How are prizes awarded for organizations?
    Organizations also accrue Reach based on the activity of users tagging and sharing about them. RV uses an automated, random selection process in a raffle-style drawing to select winning organizations. The more Reach organizations accrue the more "tickets" they have in the raffle, and the more likely they are to win cash donations from Reward Volunteers' sponsors.
  12. What is the RV web widget?
    The Reward Volunteers web widget is a tool that puts the functionality of the RV app (in addition to a live map of volunteer activity) onto any website that embeds it. When a business or organization puts the widget on their site they are giving their site visitors an easy way to use RV, while showing their support for good causes.
  13. Who can put the widget on their site?
    Any business or organization. If a volunteer organization has it, they can also encourage on-site volunteers to log their time right when they volunteer. Businesses can use it and include supporting material to encourage customers to volunteer for certain causes, and volunteer organizations can promote their own.
  14. Can't people cheat?
    RV is based on the Honor System, and people are generally trusted to be honest in their reporting of activity. However, when someone is selected as a potential winner, a system of red-flagging will notify RV admin if they appear to be gaming the system. Further, at the time of selection, at least half of a volunteer's hours must be logged at US 501(c)3 Non-profit organization(s) with a Facebook page. RV reserves the right to confirm the potential winner's record with the volunteer organization.
  15. Can people outside the US participate?
    Reward Volunteers is meant to track volunteerism within the U.S, however, people in any country can use RV to log their volunteer time and share their progress, but only U.S Residents and U.S non-profit organizations are eligible to win prizes.
  16. Does RV cost money?
    No. The iPhone app will be free and available through iTunes. The widget embed code will be accessible for any webmaster to use on their site.
  17. What if I don't have an iPhone?
    You do not need an iPhone to use RV. Though the iPhone app has added features, such as enabling photo sharing and personal Reach history, anyone can participate through the widget on or on any other site the widget is embedded on.
  18. Does the organization I volunteer for need a Facebook page?
    You can track and share your efforts regardless, but in order for the organization to be eligible to win a $3,000 donation, they need to have a FB page, which is not difficult to create.
  19. I don't understand Reach, what is it?
    Think of Reach as "influence" or literally, how many people you have "reached" with your efforts. When you volunteer, email your friends, get "likes" and comment on posted activity, you are reaching others. Each "like" and comment on a posted activity as well as each opened email counts for 1 Reach point, while each hour volunteered counts for 4 Reach points. Organizations get Reach when people volunteer for them and share about them.
  20. Can small organizations still win?
    Yes! All organizations with at least one hour of participation are eligible to win. RV is not a race — the organization with the most participation does not automatically win. Rather, it is based on chances, so even a small organization can leverage its volunteers and have a chance to win.
  21. Do the volunteer organizations need to be 501(c)3, tax-exempt organizations?
    To be eligible to win a cash prize they must be a US 501(c)3 organization.
  22. Do I need to be volunteering for an official organization?
    Yes and no. You can record your volunteer activity doing anything: helping a neighbor, engaging in disaster relief, etc. outside of an organization. However, please note, at the time of selection, at least half of a volunteer's hours must be logged at US 501(c)3 Non-profit organization with a Facebook page.
  23. Does fundraising on behalf of an organization count in Reward Volunteers?
    If you hold an independent fundraiser (concert, dinner etc.) you can list the beneficiary non-profit as the volunteer organization and log your time with RV if that organization can verify your contribution. If the volunteering cannot be confirmed with the organization, you can still log your time but you may not be eligible to win prizes. See FAQ 21 for more information.
  24. Can I log hours accrued prior to March 14, 2014?
    No. Reward Volunteers is meant to track current volunteer activity which should occur within 24 hours of being logged. While this is generally based on the honor system, a red flagging system will alert us of abnormal activity. Please do not log hours completed in the past or lump multiple days of activity together in a single post. This will appear that you are trying to game the system and you will be red flagged.
  25. Can I volunteer in one activity and designate another as the recipient to give Reach points?
    No. Reward Volunteers is not intended to work this way. You must log hours for the organization you volunteered for.
  26. How do I sign my organization up?
    There is no signup necessary, the organization simply needs a Facebook page and to spread the word out to their volunteers. Downloadable materials can be found here.
  27. What if my organization has a Facebook page but does not appear in the app or web widget list?
    Simply contact us and we'll help.
  28. How can co-op start-ups and food co-ops use this new application to reward their volunteers?
    Does your food co-op support volunteerism in your community? Want to encourage your member-owners to volunteer, track volunteer hours, and reward them for their service? Do you offer working member credit for time spent volunteering with community non-profits? Does your food co-op start-up depend on volunteers that you would like to reward? (For volunteers with start-up projects to be eligible, you must have a non-profit partner organization that agrees to have volunteers log service hours with them for time spent on your project.)
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